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Our Mission

Tapestry Hut is committed to providing unbeatable quality and impeccable design to people across the world. Every work of art is expertly made in small batches with love. Once you experience the magic of an original Tapestry Hut Tapestry, you'll never forget it.


Best purchase of the year! Sooo in love with my gorgeous new tapestry. It's hanging right behind my bed and really completes the room. I LOVE IT!

Lauren G.

The colors were vivid and the tapestry material was such good quality. Very impressed!!

Cassie P.

I'M OBSESSED! After I got my first one in the mail, I immediately ordered 3 more for the rest of the house!!

Devone S.

Sick designs unlike anything I've ever seen. They really have so many, it's hard to pick just one.

Jalen D.